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Longarm Quilting

Creative Stitches offers high-quality Longarm Quilting Services in a variety of creative quilting options and at competitive price structures.  We use a top-quality BERNINA Longarm paired with Q Matic automation, to provide many quilting design options. Customized quilting is offered also using automation, free-motion and ruler work.


All Over (E2E) Quilting……………… $0.02 /sq. inch

Custom Quilting-light………………  $0.03 /sq. inch

Custom Quilting-complex………… $0.05 /sq. inch

Minimum Charge.............................$40.00

Rush Charge......................................$50.00


Piecing Backings …………………….. $15.00 / seam


Binding **Currently, binding services are not offered**


Make 2 ½” or 3” binding……………….............$0.08 /linear inch

Half binding (attach to front)....................…$0.08 /linear inch

Finish binding by machine……………….......$0.12 /linear inch


How to get an estimate of the cost of quilting:  

  1. Determine the overall square inches in your quilt, measure the width and length of the quilt.  Multiply these two measurements. Example: for a quilt that is 60”x72” = 4320 square inches.

  2. Then, multiply this total square inch amount by $.0175 or $.02, Example: 4320 x $.02 = $86.40 

  3.  To calculate the binding cost, find your linear inches by adding all four sides together. Example: 60”x72”:  60 + 60 + 72 + 72 = 264 linear inches. Then multiply this total linear inch amount by $.08 or .04.


We use only the finest quality quilting threads on our longarm machine.  We can choose for you or you can choose from a variety of colors, which are included in your quilting price.

Turn Around Time

Our goal is to finish your quilt as promptly as possible, without sacrificing quality. Turnaround time is typically 4-6 weeks.  If you need your quilt by a specific date, please let us know as soon as possible. We do charge a $50.00 rush fee if you want your quilt finished before our next opening.  Please note that turnaround time may be longer around Christmas, Graduation and Wedding seasons.


We offer two different high-quality batting options from Quilters Dream Batting. An 80/20 poly/cotton blend and 100% cotton. We are also able to get Dream Puff poly. The cost is dependent on type and size. If you’d like to supply your own batting, please let us know! *Batting prices are subject to change at any time


                   CRAFT      CRIB     THROW     TWIN     DOUBLE     QUEEN        KING


                   36 x 46     46 x 60    60 x 60     72 x 93      93 x 96      93 x 108   120 x 122

Cotton.        $12.           $14.         $18.            $22.           $28.             $35.            $46.

80/20           $8.            $10.         $15.            $19.           $25.              $32.            $40.

What are my design options?

Overall or E2E quilting is a common design choice.  There are many patterns to choose from which can emphasize your fabrics and design.  We also offer Custom Quilting.  This is where you can choose to quilt borders separately from the main portion of the quilt and even quilt individual blocks and not the entire quilt.  The possibilities are endless.

Backing Fabric

If you have seamed your backing, please trim all seamed selvages off to 1/2” and seams are pressed open and flat.  Selvages shrink unevenly and can create a puckered line in your backing. **Backing must be squared up.** BACKING FABRIC MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 6” WIDER THAN YOUR QUILT.  Leave the outside selvages intact. I use those to pin the backing to the leaders. Bedsheets are not appropriate quilt backing.  They will be returned to you and you will lose your place in line.

How To Prepare Your Quilt For The Longarm & Other Tips

  1. If your quilt has a definite top or you are selecting a directional pattern, please mark the top of both quilt and backing.

  2. Please iron and press both the quilt top and backing. I will only do a quick once over to get small wrinkles out.

  3. Both backing and quilt top need to be squared up with straight edges!  There will be a charge of $20 if I have to square the backing.  I will not square the quilt top.

  4. Do not pin or baste your quilt. There will be a $20 charge to remove any basting or pins.

  5. Quilts with flared or wavy borders will be returned to you to fix.  You will lose your place in line for longarming and will be placed in the next available opening.

  6. When measuring your quilt, I will measure the top, center, and bottom, going both ways, and take the widest measurement as the size. In theory, all measurements should be the same but most quilts can/will vary about 1” between these three measurements.